The Housecall GP

Dr Choo Wei Chieh, MBBS (S’pore) has been caring for patients exclusively in the home setting since 2006. He sees a range of patients who are elderly, immobile, or who have acute medical conditions that make visiting a clinic difficult. Learn more about housecalls, charges and hours of operation.


The Housecall GP partners with Ninkatec to monitor patients’ health at home using smart devices. Find out more here.



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Luckily she’s got dementia

I enter the patient’s bedroom after a brief chat with the daughter who is sitting outside. “Mom had diarrhea … she’s also got dementia … ” ================================================ “Who are you?” “Hello, Auntie .. I’m doctor .. I came to check on you … …” “Go away. There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t want to … Continue reading Luckily she’s got dementia

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