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Welcome to The Housecall GP’s Blog. I started the Housecall GP in 2006 as one of the few housecalls-only services in Singapore. After 13 years of being a solo housecall doctor, I have transitioned into another phase of my career – digital healthcare. I will be focusing on tech for home health care, based on my experience with patients I have seen as The Housecall GP.

Together with like-minded colleagues, we have started an innovative patient service using home-based sensors that supports patients at home. This is designed for the very patients that I have been seeing – frail elderly, dementia, cancer, etc. More details here.

As I am building on my new career, I will not be able to take housecall requests through the Housecall GP. However, you can still contact me through email on this blog. I’ll be very happy to hear from you about home care or digital health care.

 Dr Choo Wei Chieh,
7 July 2019

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