Luckily she’s got dementia

I enter the patient’s bedroom after a brief chat with the daughter who is sitting outside.

“Mom had diarrhea … she’s also got dementia … ”


“Who are you?”

“Hello, Auntie .. I’m doctor .. I came to check on you … …”

“Go away. There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t want to see a doctor.”

“OK .. ”

I walk out of the patient’s room, and into the living room – Out of sight now.


3 minutes later, I walk into the patient’s room again

“Who are you?”

“Hello, Auntie .. I’m Jane’s friend … I came to visit … have you eaten?”

“Yes. I have”

“Was the food nice and does your tummy feel full?”

I reach out to feel the ABDOMEN – Soft, non-tender


The rest of the physical examination performed in 5 parts, getting history from the daughter outside the bedroom in between ….


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