How it works

Patients needing housecalls are usually incapable of leaving their home to seek medical attention. Some of the conditions/ situations where patients find housecalls useful:

  • elderly patients who are immobile: strokes, parkinson’s, dementia
  • arthritis/ joint pains: gout, arthritis
  • dizziness: vertigo
  • diarrhea/ vomiting: food poisoning, gastric flu
  • death certification


Commonly used medications and injections will be brought along. A prescription will be issued for you to purchase medications at a pharmacy should you require medications that are not available during the housecall.


Payment by cash/ cheque/ Paypal (credit card) is accepted. The consultation fees are not inclusive of medication.

Arranging for a housecall

Patients can usually be seen on the same or next day. For urgent cases and death certifications, it is sometimes possible for housecalls to be made within an hour depending on the day’s schedule. Please send request online or call 6247.9247